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The Caribbean country of Dominican Republic is the best Caribbean real estate and investment opportunity in the Caribbean; the beautiful, paradise of the Dominican Republic. Recently highlighted by MSNBC and other major media outlets, the real estate market in the Dominican Republic is the envy of the Caribbean. KweYol Top Caribbean Real Estate agents in the Dominican Republic will provide you the unbiased guidance, localized expertise and specialized skills necessary for you to capitalize on the growing trend of investing in real estate in the Dominican Republic.

Cabrera Real Estate Investments

Cabrera real estate is some of the most desirable Dominican real estate available on the north coast. Gated communities such as the prestigious Orchid Bay Estates offer beachfront properties, sea cliff property for sale and luxury villas for sale. have the largest selection of real estate for sale in Cabrera and multi-lingual real estate agents to help you in your viewing and purchasing of real estate in Cabrera.

Kweyol Caribbean Real Estate is have licensed independent, dedicated, professional real estate agencies in the Dominican Republic with real estate agents and real estate listings in Gaspar Hernandez, Rio San Juan, Abreu, Cabrera and Nagua. Our agents are focused on providing you with unbiased, localized knowledge of this area of the Dominican Republic. When you want to know the real inside scoop on local property, our Cabrera-based real estate agents are here to provide that guidance.

We provide expertise in professional real estate needs, from locating that special piece of property to overseeing your construction needs. Contact us today to learn more about our unusual and unique ocean front real estate listings, investment property for sale, luxury villas for sale, condos for sale and beachfront development lots for sale.

Rio San Juan Real Estate

Real estate in Rio San Juan offers an equally interesting investment opportunity for the discriminating investor seeking to capture Dominican Republic real estate at an exceptional value. Rio San Juan is best known for its amazing beaches, the famous Gri-Gri Lagoon and the warm friendly people. Investing in real estate in Rio San Juan offers excellent upside potential; beachfront development lots, secluded hillside retreats, lavish luxury villas for sale and much more. Playa Grande Real Estate is well versed in Rio San Juan realty and our agents, some of whom live in Rio San Juan, are here to help you explore and select that special piece of tropical paradise.

Real Estate in Abreu

The budding community of Abreu is technically part of Cabrera but is rapidly becoming a city unto itself with its own identity and real estate investment profile. Many feel Abreu real estate will surpass Cabrera in the future as the nearby Playa Grande Golf Course is developed further. Additionally, very upscale gated communities such as Sea Tree Estates offer amazing oceanfront development lots and property for sale unparalleled on the north coast. The hillsides of Abreu, rising over 200′ above sea level, provides exceptionally gorgeous sweeping ocean vistas at a fraction of the cost of other ‘Farallones’ (hills) real estate investments.

Dominican Republic Real Estate Opportunities

The Dominican Republic offers some of the most affordable and exciting real estate investment opportunities in the entire Caribbean. Coined as the “new St. Bart’s” by the Wall Street Journal, the Dominican Republic attracts everyone from savvy real estate moguls to everyday people seeking their very own private piece of paradise. Real estate investment opportunities in the Dominican Republic have also been highlighted in the New York Times and New Yorker Magazine, some pretty high-profile publications who seldom waste ink on a passing fad; real estate in the Dominican Republic is a top-notch investment opportunity! Come to the Dominican Republic to visit and you will end up staying a lifetime—it’s that special! Significant offshore real estate investments in the Playa Grande area on the North Coast have significantly accelerated interest here. Yet real estate values remain exceptionally attractive with excellent future valuations virtually assured. Go ahead and buy that tropical Caribbean island paradise you have been dreaming about but do it today while prices are affordable and mortgages are still available!

Why Playa Grande Real Estate?

One of the more interesting ‘challenges’ in the Dominican Republic real estate market is locating a real estate agency with the same level of professionalism as their counterparts in other countries. Within the Dominican Republic there is no formal licensing or regulatory agency responsible for real estate agents, real estate agencies or real estate companies in general. You can easily encounter real estate agents who may take advantage of this unregulated industry.

KweYol offers the professional real estate approach you expect. We are a proud group of agents across the length and breadth of the Caribbean who provide comprehensive real estate financing, real estate sales and real estate property management you need for your offshore real estate investments. Our highly trained and licensed real estate agents are committed to locating the perfect Dominican Republic real estate investment for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How large is the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is slightly less than 19,000 square miles in size, about twice the size as the State of New Hampshire.

Where can I get some fast facts on the Dominican Republic?

The best places are the CIA U.S. Government site (, the main Dominican Republic internet portal ( and DR1 (, a popular news, life and forum site.

Where does KweYol Caribbean Real Estate agents concentrate?

Kweyol agents are all over the Dominican Republic.. We sell homes and developments in the area between Gaspar-Hernandez and Nagua with a particular concentration on the towns around the Playa Grande Golf Course and Beach, including Rio San Juan, Abreu, Breton, Cabrera and Entrada.

Can a non-Dominican own real estate in the Dominican Republic?


I hear a lot about Cap Cana, Punta Cana and La Romana for investments but I don’t hear much about Playa Grande. Why is that?

Currently there are no large developers investing in private marketing campaigns or signing up public relationship companies. However, substantial investments are occurring almost daily-including the purchase of the entire Playa Grande Course (2000+ acres) by a private investment group from New York City. This and the many multi-million dollar mansions in the area make for a very attractive real estate environment. The land and development costs in the area have not yet soared to the levels other areas of the Dominican Republic have experienced, which are already low compared to the remainder of the Caribbean.

Is a real estate license required to sell real estate in the Dominican Republic?

No, and this is an area of concern because almost anyone can present a piece of land for sale regardless of whether they have the right to sell it or not. This makes it very important to deal with a well-known and reputable Caribbean Real Estate Agents.

Should I retain an attorney to purchase real estate in the Dominican Republic?

We strongly encourage all investors to retain competent local attorneys who have knowledge of the Dominican Republic laws related to real estate transactions?

Does your company recommend any specific attorney?

We cannot suggest a specific attorney, but recommend you consider Guzmán Ariza & Asociados ( or Headrick, Rizik, Alvarez & Fernández ( or others with similar superb reputations.

When I purchase real estate, should I put it in my own name or start a company?

The precise answer to this depends upon your legal and tax situation, but typically people create a new company which actually owns the real estate.

When I purchase real estate, do I get a title or some other legal proof of ownership?

Yes. The Dominican Republic has many laws related to this to ensure ownership of the property is well documented and legally provable.

Is it possible to get title insurance in the Dominican Republic and, if so, do you recommend any specific agency?

Yes, it is possible and in this case we strongly recommend Stewart Title ( They are a well-known and respected title company throughout North and South America as well as the Caribbean.

Are there real estate transfer taxes I need to consider in my purchase?

Yes, the transfer of real estate is subject to the payment of the following taxes. 4% of the purchase price plus 12% of that tax amount and some additional relatively minor processing fees.

Are there property taxes in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, although they are historically not applied to the North Coast of the island. In time there will be taxes but for now there are no property taxes along most of the North Coast.

Do I need to pay income taxes in the Dominican Republic?

Typically, no. The Dominican tax code only requires payment of taxes on income generated from within the Dominican Republic. Unless your property generates income here, there are no income taxes applicable.

Are there restrictions on foreign investment in the Dominican Republic?

The latest law, Law 16-95 on Foreign Investment, virtually levels the field for equal treatment between national and foreign investments, thus removing all restrictions.

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Caribbean Country Of Dominican Republic Real Estate
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